With the help of sensors provided by Weather Underground, we have created a service that gathers weather data along the path of the eclipse, before, during and after. This data is accessible through the "Eclipse-2017" service in NetsBlox. Descriptions of each remote procedure call are provided below, including the inputs and the return values.

Available Remote Procedure Calls

In these RPCs the values returned are in the order of latest reading first, when applicable.

The frequency of the sensor readings on 21st of August is once every 30 seconds and is reduced to once every five minutes at other times.

Wherever asked to enter a date-time value, you should follow the ISO8601 format and enter the time as in GMT timezone. You can use the "time conversion" block from the libraries menu. ISO8601 extended format is as follows: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ

Station Condition Structure

When calling some of the RPCs on this service you get back one or more "condition" structured data objects. Here are the attributes that you can expect with these conditions.

  1. PWS: "Personal Weather Station" AKA station ID
  2. Geographical attributes such as: city, state, elevation, latitude, longitude and station's distance (approximate) from the totality center line
  3. weather: a short description of the weather
  4. sensor values: humidity*, UV*, solar radiation*, light*, wind*, temperature
  5. readAt: the time that the sensor measured the values (at GMT 0)
  6. readAtLocal: the local version of readAt
  7. requestTime: the time when NetsBlox's server requested the information from Weather Underground
*available only on select stations.